I Am Your Small Part

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Dear Angga,

How are you today? I miss you since this early day. Today is your twenty ninth bornday, right? The night is just around the sight. But, still I be failed to guess the street you get laid. Strickly speaking, I want to have intimate chatting and tight hand-shaking with you.

I checked out facebook message and found out that our last conversation is on September two thousand and thirteen. I've been waiting you are writing something. A simple term such as 'I miss you' just like you made one time.

Proudly Small

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To the jury of Proudly Small whose number is twenty seven,

There is no doubt that I am proud to cry out my ideas about smallness. I was born in the small city, but in the biggest hospital that has ever built. I grew up there with a small family which obey the family planning program launched by the big president ever, Mr. Soeharto. I experienced education, no I mean schooling, from kindergarten to senior high school in the same small city, but all schools I attended are the biggest.

The first time I sensed big city is when I went to university in the big city. An university that has big trust from the society. However, I stayed in a small rented house with my three friends whom I knew since I was in the senior high school. However, once more, I always did homecoming every single week. I went back from big city to small city. I did not really enjoy my time in that big city.