Afternoon Sweet Tea

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KD :)

That's how I used to address your name. We are too hot to be reckoned just as acquaintance. We are too cold to be reputed as close mate. We enjoy our warm friendship, neither hot nor cold. Maybe Indonesian people say it likes 'hangat-hangat tahi ayam.' But, I claim, no! We would rather alike an afternoon sweet tea.

An afternoon sweet tea is humble but noble. It can rest weary eyes. It let you full-blooded. It matches for home, school, job, and parties. It is honored by the folks and royal families. An afternoon sweet tea can be enjoyed as we sit inside the rickshaw :)

The Two of The Man of God

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Hello, Aloysius and Heribertus!
Good day to the-man-of-god!

It is been so long since the last time we met on the thirteenth of February two thousand and fourteen. For me, it is hard to disengage both of you. You two are just like one package. As commercial said, 'Buy one, get one for free.' :)

I never never expected that made friend with both you will be gladden. The first time I knew your special title, I only wondered, 'Well, this is sort of another the-man-of-god.' At that time I had good relationship with many the-man-of-god who were in charge in the place where I exist. I knew dozens of the-man-of-god who come and go in a regular basis.