Fabric Flat Pouch - Rote Ndao (The Spice Journey)

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Product link can be found here :)
Rote-Ndao pouch is an exquisite mix of hand-made and factory-built fabrics. The white leaves pattern beautify the red layer. It is matched perfectly with dark brown coloring which makes this pouch looks so swanky. Since the first time I have been just fascinated with how the hand-tailoring was performed. That sewing is such a groovy groove, the original one. The more I should say, this pouch is exceptionally humane. This flies my mind away to the story behind the creation.


An Indonesian handmade pouch by Spice Journey




The First One: Campusology

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I think I need to write my experience about studying in National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU). Maybe this is an exceptional publication. How do I start it out?


Well, I have one ordinary question. Could you imagine how you will dwell 5 full-Chinese classes in 2 consecutive days every week that lasts for 4 months? I could, and I did. Tuesday after having meal, the journey begins. Journey of campusology. This will come to an end on Wednesday before laying down on the bunk bed. Bunk bed...hmmm sounds like sleeping in a hostel. But yes, here is my campus tale...


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