Three Visible Signs

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All I knew was that I would take a short trip to Kampung Anyar. It is a remote area belong to one of the small city in Indonesia. Literally, kampung means village; meanwhile anyar stands for new. Yes, it’s a new village of its time. Now, it’s not truly new. But, every time I visit Kampung Anyar, I always see at least a new spot.

I had a bundle of confidence that spending time there is a way greater. So, I invited eight friends to come along.  No one amongst us understand the route so well. We could only trust in the eldest man between us for one reason. He was the one and only who is able to drive a car.

Postcards from Formosa: Final Exam Edition

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Dear my dearest friends who have battled in final exam,
Dear the four of you whose time dedicated to be altar servers,
Dear to whom I may concern...

The day I write this blog is the book day. You know, for the last 12 years you must have so so many books. But, what does it mean? Here is I will rewrite four quotes about book.

*So many books, so little time. (by FRANK ZAPPA)