Three Visible Signs

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All I knew was that I would take a short trip to Kampung Anyar. It is a remote area belong to one of the small city in Indonesia. Literally, kampung means village; meanwhile anyar stands for new. Yes, it’s a new village of its time. Now, it’s not truly new. But, every time I visit Kampung Anyar, I always see at least a new spot.

I had a bundle of confidence that spending time there is a way greater. So, I invited eight friends to come along.  No one amongst us understand the route so well. We could only trust in the eldest man between us for one reason. He was the one and only who is able to drive a car.

I was so ready to get away to the town which is only an hour from my home. Anyhow, as an initiator of that trip I didn’t let my friends get lost like sheep without a shepherd. If there is a will, there is a way.

Only twenty minutes after leaving my home, we have entered a brown portal that indicates we should take stony path. A portal, I noted the first sign. A purple house looked appealing. Then we stopped by. I asked an old woman how to get to Kampung Anyar. She explained and I got it, saved it safely on my mind.

We continued until we reached a second yellow house in the right side. First yellow, and second yellow. This was a second house is also the second sign. We had to turn left and go across two steep dams. Each dam has one steep climb and one tense dip. In addition, the dams have no guardrail. As though it limits anyone to come near to its sides. Slowly but surely, that’s how all vehicles must pass it.

For about ten minutes after the second dam, I saw the third sign. A big white building. That administration building is prominent in the midst of green tress. The blended contrast between green and white, natural creation and human creation, is an eye catching scene.

Here we got two options. First, to turn right. Second, to go straight. It was a simple way. No matter what we choose, at the end the single path in the lush forest led us to the furthest direction we could reach by car. We arrived at a place. A place that I love to stay.

A church in a village. Small, tranquil, and fertile. That was not my first time to be there, I realize it, but this was the first time I saw carefully the three visible symbols to go to Kampung Anyar. A brown portal. A second yellow house. A white building. Even now I still memorize it. I believe an adventurer will always be guided by visible and invisible signs to enjoy her or his journey.