Fabric Flat Pouch - Rote Ndao (The Spice Journey)

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Rote-Ndao pouch is an exquisite mix of hand-made and factory-built fabrics. The white leaves pattern beautify the red layer. It is matched perfectly with dark brown coloring which makes this pouch looks so swanky. Since the first time I have been just fascinated with how the hand-tailoring was performed. That sewing is such a groovy groove, the original one. The more I should say, this pouch is exceptionally humane. This flies my mind away to the story behind the creation.


An Indonesian handmade pouch by Spice Journey





The leaves pattern comes from Rote-Ndao islands, one of 17,000 islands in Indonesia. They grow up on palm trees which surround the islands. Rotenese and Ndaonese people usually insert that pattern on their households. Although palm leaves pattern is really common on Rote-Ndao islands, but it is still special for so many people around Indonesia, and absolutely around the world. This is why the pouch is the gear which I am fond of the most.
This Rote-Ndao pouch has 3 different size: small, medium, and large.  I have three of them. I regularly take the small pouch for storing my cell phone and pocket camera chargers, as well as for my reserved batteries. Further, my cosmetics are be able to be placed on small pouch, too. I use to lay my gadgets in the medium pouch. It covers my flashdisk, external harddisk, cell phones, book note, and pen. For the time I need to bring my tablet, I also choose the medium pouch to put it down. Whilst the large pouch is worthwhile to package my 12 inch laptop. On the other chance, I pick up my paper documents and keep it tidy & cleanly inside the large pouch. These pouches are multi-function gears on multi-occasion, and properly support a multi-tasking person just like I am.



An Indonesian handmade product by Spice Journey



I know when Rote-Ndao pouches handle my goods, I will feel good and nothing to be worried. I have monitored them time by time, and I found that its soft cotton lining ensures all of my stuffs are safe and well-preserved. Rather, Rote-Ndao pouches save time for packing, are easy to be brought and long lasting. As I live my daily life, I secure my important items within that pouches. Whenever I need them, I can only grab it out. They are still presentable, and as yet luxurious. I am a proud Rote-Ndao pouch user. So I believe, every time I am holding the Rote-Ndao pouches, Rotenese and Ndaonese people are smiling, while the leaves are flourishing.