For Everybody To Pursue Scholarship in Taiwan

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Hello, everybody! Good day there, and here :)

Do you have a dream studying abroad? Are you interested learning about ocean, maritime, and sea-related matters? Will you take a chance to consider Taiwan? Why NOT?

Well, let me introduce you myself. My name is Kartika Paramita Klara. I come from a little peaceful town, Blitar, in East Java. It is located in southern part of Indonesia, a big beautiful country. I was a teacher and counselor in a senior high school. But I am now an international master student in National Taiwan Ocean University. My major is education. Are you curious about my research project? Well, it is about an exploration of ecological philosophy for marine education. Seems too complitated? I think, no, it's easy. Hahaha.

To be honest, I never never imagined to continue my study in Taiwan. It might be similar to you who have no such visualization. In my country, Taiwan is better known as a country for working, not studying. Yes, it is a country to get a better life by making much more money (than in Indonesia). One more reason why Taiwan was not my destination is because it language. As you can see that Taiwan uses characters, not alphabets. I felt that I had no capacity to learn such language. I prefer Spanish, Latin, or German. And you, what do you prefer?

But, do you know that for the last 10 years Taiwan has been open its door for internasionalization? It is especially done by higher education. They provide billions, millions, zillions dolars in the form of scholarship every year for foreign students who wants to study in Taiwan's universities. I need to stress that it is sort of full scholarship which covers your tuition fee and living allowance. Looks promosing, right? :)

If you can guess what kind of place behind me below, I will give you souvenir from Taiwan.

Here I am.

Living in Keelung City, the northern area of Taiwan. It is windy-rainy-humid-chill area. My campus is very near to the sea. You only need 7 minutes walking to reach the beach. I hear sound of waves everyday. I see sunrise & sunset from my room window. Besides, the other of my campus is a hill. It provides leafy environment around the university. It allows me to breathe fresh air. How about the water? No worry! It is clean and healthy.

Besides, the facility is so complete. Various laboratoriums, thousand books in the library, and fair educational service are always available. Apart from that, post office, canteens, bicycles, park, lake, statues, museum and hiking trails inside the campus are waiting to be explored. You will enjoy being part of foreign students in Taiwan. Don't forget, warm friendship between you and your classmates and between you and foreign students will surely make you comfort :)

From zero to hero. From nothing to everything. From fantasy to reality.

This is how I describe my living in Taiwan. Hospitable and responsible local people. Extremely high safety and sanity. Well-organized public transportation ans spaces. Well-maintaned tourism and educational places. Oh, you should remember that religious freedom is guarenteed by the government. It is easy to find mosque, churches, and temples. No one will ruin it nor threaten you.

Those thousand good things I could learn and enjoy here. Those are such valuable experiences that I will bring when I come back to Indonesia this summer.

A lover says, to treat well your loved ones will make them safe. So, why do you still misdoubt of the wellness and safety of Taiwan?
Latin quote says, sanitas, sanctitas, scientia. So, what do you question about cleanliness, sanctity, and education in Taiwan?

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Tell me anything you want to tell me. Ask anything you want to ask. I will gladly answer and explain :)

Moreover, I also want to hear your dreams, stories, and hopes. I want to read your moments of Here I Am. I want to know what do you mean of 'zero to hero'. Please share with me

See you in Taiwan, guys!