The First One: Campusology

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I think I need to write my experience about studying in National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU). Maybe this is an exceptional publication. How do I start it out?


Well, I have one ordinary question. Could you imagine how you will dwell 5 full-Chinese classes in 2 consecutive days every week that lasts for 4 months? I could, and I did. Tuesday after having meal, the journey begins. Journey of campusology. This will come to an end on Wednesday before laying down on the bunk bed. Bunk bed...hmmm sounds like sleeping in a hostel. But yes, here is my campus tale...


Busy with smart phone


Organizing school supervision when my tummy is full is like a superwoman who deals with a superman. Yes, this superwoman needs to supervise her sexy body, too. Straightly, this superwoman needs to hike up a hundred stairs to reach sixth floor. She finds his knight in a research room. A superior knight who used to call as an educated sociologist. It makes her surviving for at least 4 hours. A tight break allows her to hold 30 minutes supper. Then again, she satisfied. But yeah, the following campus courses must go on! That's why a bottle of yogurth accompany her along the evening discussion. Discussion about curriculum with designers and developers. In fact this activity consumes more than a bottle of yogurt. She needs plentiful energy!

Any else? Fall asleep!


And ooh am I still dreaming? But no. It is real, the superwoman has to perform perfectly in the next day. She totally get lost in the jungle of research data. No tree to lean her back. Yet noisy voices touch her ears. The most sonorous sound comes from her belly! Ouch! A little chance to grab the food when the sun shines. Even this superwoman must complete a hurry-up lunch. Fast and furious, she attends the habitual gathering for young foreigners. This is special! Because she has an opportunity to speak in English. I mean Javanish English. They usually talk in English about Chinese conversation. I wanna say that this is the place where the superwoman feels she is safe!

That is the final destination! Two busiest days in the world is redeemed by five worthiest spaciousness days, ever!

Anyway, could you guess 5 courses that I took during my first semester in NTOU?



So now I urge all of you to be brave! Have a strong courageous to choose Ilha Formosa as your exclusive destination, either for studying abroad or traveling abroad. Come and join my trip here in Taiwan! Take your time to consider and reconsider, mind and remind.

Traditional Chinese is a challenge, not an obstacle.

National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) is a triumph, not a tragedy.

 Master in marine education is a benefit, not a loss.

International student is a fighter, not a stranger.