For Everybody To Pursue Scholarship in Taiwan

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Hello, everybody! Good day there, and here :)

Do you have a dream studying abroad? Are you interested learning about ocean, maritime, and sea-related matters? Will you take a chance to consider Taiwan? Why NOT?

Well, let me introduce you myself. My name is Kartika Paramita Klara. I come from a little peaceful town, Blitar, in East Java. It is located in southern part of Indonesia, a big beautiful country. I was a teacher and counselor in a senior high school. But I am now an international master student in National Taiwan Ocean University. My major is education. Are you curious about my research project? Well, it is about an exploration of ecological philosophy for marine education. Seems too complitated? I think, no, it's easy. Hahaha.

The First One: Campusology

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I think I need to write my experience about studying in National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU). Maybe this is an exceptional publication. How do I start it out?


Well, I have one ordinary question. Could you imagine how you will dwell 5 full-Chinese classes in 2 consecutive days every week that lasts for 4 months? I could, and I did. Tuesday after having meal, the journey begins. Journey of campusology. This will come to an end on Wednesday before laying down on the bunk bed. Bunk bed...hmmm sounds like sleeping in a hostel. But yes, here is my campus tale...


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