Westlife, The Family Men

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Hello, Westlife!
How are you, Mr. Kian Egan, Mr. Nicholas Byrne, Mr. Markus Feehily, and Mr. Shane Filan? I hope you are doing homey, as the old seasons are salutary.

You are part of my late childhood, after I reached nine or ten. You are heart of my teenager era where high school life was so attractive. You are mate of my undergraduate period with your tune and episode. You are blade of my office and leisure hours. You are just great and my favourite.

you are the best concert of my life.

How I wish to watch your performance, once time, but I never appeared. How wide is my regret that I denied you were apart. Because it hurts me. So much.

Early of this year, finally, I acquired some courage to enjoy all your farewell concerts. The Last Weekend in Croke Park eves on June twenty second and twenty third of two thousand and twelve. I can actually not stop being touched. My eyes are full of tears. I notice how you are not able to restrain all of your cries, as well. We cannot say anymore, 'This isn't goodbye even as I watch you leave. I swear I won't cry even as tears fill my eyes' like you always did on 'What Makes A Man'. No, we can't.

Goodbye speech. Goodbye songs. Goodbye concert. The goodbye you made is so cozy. I was. I am. I have been. Crying and weeping. Sad, but glad.

Mr. Kian John Francis Egan,
Your real tears became bigger and bigger as the curtain was closed. You had to wipe away tears in your eyes. You let us see how big your passion of Westlife.

Mr. Nicholas Bernard James Adam Byrne,
You said to not shed any tear, but you was totally failed. Your blue visage as you sang 'Flying Without Wings' shows how deep is your affection for Westlife fans and achievements.

Mr. Markus Michael Patrick Feehily,
You are always, for Westlife members, be the sound backbone. You eased the pain with your compassion. You tried to make jokes, smiles, and affirmation.

Mr. Shane Steven Filan,
You excecuted briliant shine for 'You Raise Me Up' session. You dedicated your melodious voice from the start recording until the last showing.

I adore not only your vocal composition, song expression, or dancing demonstration. The foremost adorable thing is the truth that you are sort of family men. How I wish to have a friend, a partner, a brother, a dad, a son, a lover. Like you.

You and all your fans will always remember the family moments. The moment when your dads singing 'That's Life'. You were so surprised that lead you praised your dads. The moment of final farewell for Mr. Nicky Byrne senior and Mr. Kevin Egan's funeral. You made pure tributes for them.

The moment of your sacred marriage. Gillian Shane, Georgina Bryne, and Jodi Egan must be very proud of you. The moment when you invited your moms, dads, and children to be in the stage of farewell concert in the Croke Park. The Queen of My Heart is an everlasting song on behalf of that noble memory.

You are not royal family, but you are loyal family.
You are good example for boysband, fans, family, and people around the world.

So, Westlife, thanks a ton for being such inspiration.

~ Warm wishes from a pleased Westlife lover