Afternoon Sweet Tea

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KD :)

That's how I used to address your name. We are too hot to be reckoned just as acquaintance. We are too cold to be reputed as close mate. We enjoy our warm friendship, neither hot nor cold. Maybe Indonesian people say it likes 'hangat-hangat tahi ayam.' But, I claim, no! We would rather alike an afternoon sweet tea.

An afternoon sweet tea is humble but noble. It can rest weary eyes. It let you full-blooded. It matches for home, school, job, and parties. It is honored by the folks and royal families. An afternoon sweet tea can be enjoyed as we sit inside the rickshaw :)



We are variety of poor figure when viewed from our value. We are kind of ignorant human when perceived from our achievement. We are type of mad heart when surveyed  from our love story. But, we are the ones who commend our mom. We are the individuals who anticipate our dad. We are the species who divinize a place. A place to brew an afternoon sweet tea.

In the end, we found that our favourite places has changed. We want to turn to another delight place, but we don't even know where it would be. We have just been embedded in the blessed place. Above all, we still hold a hope to enjoy an afternoon sweet tea. Afternoon sweet tea of life.

-A woman whom you mention as Jojo-