The Two of The Man of God

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Hello, Aloysius and Heribertus!
Good day to the-man-of-god!

It is been so long since the last time we met on the thirteenth of February two thousand and fourteen. For me, it is hard to disengage both of you. You two are just like one package. As commercial said, 'Buy one, get one for free.' :)

I never never expected that made friend with both you will be gladden. The first time I knew your special title, I only wondered, 'Well, this is sort of another the-man-of-god.' At that time I had good relationship with many the-man-of-god who were in charge in the place where I exist. I knew dozens of the-man-of-god who come and go in a regular basis.

Aloysius, well, the prince of Pamplona. Six year ago, for the first time I knew your name from my dad who taught in the school where you taught. I never never noticed you until in one afternoon you came to my house. Yeah, actually you wanted to visit my dad to say 'Selamat Natal', but unfortunately, only myself alone was home. I had loss any word that I used to greet people whom I meet in the first time. I didn't know you but you sit in front of me, it was quite weird. However, as long as I could remember, it was the first time I met you in person. Before that, I only saw your figure through some pictures.

As time flies, so came a period when an undergraduate student has to write a thesis. A friend of mine whose name Wenny was interested to do research in your school. Wenny had no acquaintances there. So it was my pleasure to connect her with your school. I never supposed that the one who was in charge with this kind of project is you. I thought it would be the headmaster alone. Yeah, it's okay. On behalf of this research project, I got chances to know you more. I ever, once time, together with Wenny, went into your room for taking some rest and little chatting. It made me know that you are such a nice guy, a nice the-man-of-god. Don't you know, last year my dad said that you are handsome and caring. Should I admit it, too? :)

Later on, there was a time when my dad gave me an old book, 'Learning Spanish' which drove myself to start learning Spanish. Then, I knew from him that you would go to Spain for studying. On my mind, I was thinking that you are so lucky having this opportunity. My dad said that you needed to copy the book, so he asked me to lend the book for you. Without question, I gave the book to my dad so that I didn't need to meet you in person. Afterwards, I was too busy for my own research project that I had no time to learn Spanish. Until the time you flied to Spain, I gave neither good-bye nor good-luck words to you. So, I kept enjoying my life with no more memories about you :)

It happened until Laurensius, another of the-good-man-of-god told me, 'Hey, Aloysius has a Skype account, lho. You should add him (as friend). Talk with him.' Though I felt it was awkward, but I just did it. I remember the first time I only sent you a very plain greet, 'Hey.' But then, you cordially overhelmed my Skype screen with million stories, night by night :)


Heribertus, hmmm, a Weslife-lover wanna-be. I assume that you can describe much perfecly about the moment we met for the first time. But, let me try to recite it. In one evening, I was staying in one side of my church where Stefanus, another the-man-of-god, called me to help him setting up Yahoo messenger. Asking a light permit, I came to his room and I saw a guy sitting down in front of the computer. That guy is you. Stefanus introduced you as the-man-of-god. 'Okay, I'm Kartika', that was my only response. Then, we did a small talk about Yahoo messenger in order to solve the problem faced by Stefanus.Yahoo messenger had been succesfully set up.You added me as friend through Yahoo messenger, and I accepted. I went out from the room and continued my life :)

I never thought about you. I regarded you as the-man-of-god like the others. But through Yahoo messenger, you tried to contact me. It made me knew that you like AC Milan. Oh, me too, you know. I cried out my regret to you when AC Milan suffered loss. Our conversation referred to that kind of extent. Someday on the Yahoo chat, you asked my mobile phone number and sent some funny texts that made me lauhging-out-loud. Just because you are humorous, then I replied with another silly messages.

Once upon a time, with a specific reason (you what it is) I couldn't join some activities in my church. You came and offered me to join yours. Why not, I thought. Hence, we had impressive moments with the youth who became my friends. We went to remote areas, midnight Eucharists, and enjoyed tasty dishes. You picked me up and took me home safely. Further, you knew my mother. She missess you, sometimes :)

One crazy moment is when you invited me and friends of ours to a fancy restaurant. After finishing our lunch, I was not aware that one of our friend whose name Andre inserted a toothpick box to my bag. The toohthpick box is belong to the restaurant. When I reached home, Andre raised a question, 'What did you bring in your bag? Please, check!' Oh my god! I was so shocked as I found the toothpick box inside it. In the name of god, I never meant stealing it. Andre and you were just rolling-on-the-floor-laughing. Until now, all of us will make a joke based on that episode.

Oh, there is also one more moment that I remember. Traveling from Surabaya, I stopped by your place because you promised me to treat a good lunch. I never never estimated that you would engage another two of the-man-of-god. I only knew a little about the two. Only their names. Yulius and Aloysius. I was in between three the-man-of-god. How delight it was. At the same time, how nervous I was. At that time, both Yulius and Aloysius felt like strangers for me. I knew you better than I knew them :)

Years later, even now, I thank that moment as we were together, enjoying good lunch. Even though, I am not sure nw that I remember it. To be true, it was a moment before Yulius dwelt in Ireland. Before you, Aloysius studied in Spain. Before you, Heribertus moved to Italy. It was also one of intitial moments when I met Aloysius in person once more time. Sadly, I have no more chances to know Yulius to share some moments as I had with both of you. But, it's okay.

Maybe someday we will have a smooth reunion, if only both of you could remember the moment of having fried duck for lunch near the intersection of Pemuda Building :)


Oh, are you waiting for this letter to arrive to its end? I plead with you to please stay, don't go.

As you went abroad, so there was only me in Indonesia. But now, here is only me in Taiwan, and you are in Indonesia, in the same city and same workplace. Oh, how nice! Only skype calls and text messages become bridge between us. But, it seems lately I have no communication with you two. I've been concerned to my thesis writing :)

The last time I conctacted Aloysius is when I let you know about a touching movie, Sebelum Pagi Terulang Kembali. I recognized the main character looked similar to you. Oh, I praise you! :) The last time I called Heribertus via phone is just the last week when we talked about daily life. Apart frm that, I return to my own life as a student.

This time is different to the past when I had hundreds free hours to stay online. When the skype calls & chats were fruitful either you were in Pamplona or Rome and I was home. When laughs and worry were made possible to be shared. When thoughts were transferable. Indeed, we can count how many times we meet in person. It must be no more than fifty. Often we meet through cyberspace.

Now, as I am writing this letter, I recall some moments of us. Skype conversations we made. Not only between me and one of you, but between three of us in one Skype call. Nice! Unimportant short texts you sent that could boost my zest. Persuasive jokes about how delicious Indonesian food you expressed that instantly make me want to back home. Song by song from Kahitna, Kla Project to Westlife that we ever heard. It is only to mention some small things, but the memorable ones.


Today, precisely one year ago on the fourth of February two thousand and fourteen, both of you treated me really well. Can you remember? In the afternoon, I dropped by your workplace, only to pick up gift from The Spice Journey. But then, both of you conspired to make me as if a queen for one day. You mix and match my big suitcase to make it pretty. Then you fed me, meatballs for lunch and fried rice for dinner. Next, you offered exclusive safety when I took out millions rupiah in the ATM machine. Plus, a fine shower you provided before I went to airport.

Finally, the best service when you brought me to the airport. It made me feel safe and happy to enjoy my days in Biak, Papua. Yes, at that time I was delivered by The Spice Journey to Biak, Papua to do voluntourism. Traveling around, teaching children, and promoting local economics development. Your elegant treatment before my leaving was my strength to accomplish that challenging mission.

But, it seemed not enough for you. On the day when I landed from Biak, Papua, both of you had been waiting for my coming in the arrival hall of the airport. I walked to wrong direction that I couldn't find you. So, you needed to call me until I saw your appearing. Your welcome smiles burnt my passion to live vigorously as my skins was getting tanned. Should now I sing 'Setahun Kemarin' by Kahitna as I memorize this moment? :)

I never expected that we shared some moments. Moreover, for me, to be served by you, the-man-of-god, is just incredible. It is supposed I am, as a lamb, who needs to serve you, the shepherd. But, you do in reverse. You are such good shepherds, good the-men-of-god. You show the right way to the flocks and guide them to everlasting joy.

As the-man-of-god, you have special position compare to common people in the church. Hundreds, thousand persons are hunger for your holy blessings and good teachings. You are the hope they have. So, I pray that you are always blessed by wisdom, love and faith to do your mission as the-man-of-god. See you again! I look forward to serving you :)

Cool wishes from Taiwan,
A grateful girl who befriends with the two of the-man-of-god