I Am Your Small Part

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Dear Angga,

How are you today? I miss you since this early day. Today is your twenty ninth bornday, right? The night is just around the sight. But, still I be failed to guess the street you get laid. Strickly speaking, I want to have intimate chatting and tight hand-shaking with you.

I checked out facebook message and found out that our last conversation is on September two thousand and thirteen. I've been waiting you are writing something. A simple term such as 'I miss you' just like you made one time.

I love hundred hours when we were together. No matter how ancient it possibly, I consistently remember the moment when you came to my home. The moment when you sat in front of mine on the train. The moment when you are enjoying sate in the evening. The moment when you had sessions with my parents. The moment when you was taken away by my dad to the railway. The moment when we oared on the road with historical bicycles.

The most precious occasions are when you accompanied for a choir in the church and when I accompanied you went praying in the mosque.

Well, below is you alone as you took some rest in my house.



I maintain all the memories on my mind as a provision that different religion can always be an unlimited union.

Oh, I should identify one more story about us. On an eve I arrived at your city. You picked me up and carried me to your university. You introduced me to your friends. They guessed if I am your princess. Hahaha. No, the fact is that I am your small part for some years.

Anytime you recite this letter, please laugh and be thankful.
If we meet in the future, please make fun and be joyful.

Smiles & wishes,