Proudly Small

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To the jury of Proudly Small whose number is twenty seven,

There is no doubt that I am proud to cry out my ideas about smallness. I was born in the small city, but in the biggest hospital that has ever built. I grew up there with a small family which obey the family planning program launched by the big president ever, Mr. Soeharto. I experienced education, no I mean schooling, from kindergarten to senior high school in the same small city, but all schools I attended are the biggest.

The first time I sensed big city is when I went to university in the big city. An university that has big trust from the society. However, I stayed in a small rented house with my three friends whom I knew since I was in the senior high school. However, once more, I always did homecoming every single week. I went back from big city to small city. I did not really enjoy my time in that big city.

After my graduation, I came back to the small city I love since I come into the world. Although some trusted people offered jobs with big income, to be sure in big city, I kindly apologize for rejecting it. I prefer living in small city as I always did before. No matter if I only got small salary, that I knew then it was under the income standard set by the government.

The next phase of my life is that I have been living abroad since September two thousand and thirteen. Living in the small country I never dreamt of. It is Taiwan, the beautiful land of Formosa. Here I am, studying in a small department of a small university in a small city. The scholarship I have been receiving is small according to country's standard, but it is doubling and doubling compare to my treasure.

That is why I never be complaining about smallness. I just love it. Enjoying my time. Reflecting my life. Small maybe only quantity, not a quality. Only result, not attempt. Only standard, not reality. Only limitation, not ability.

This is me. I am sort of proudly small soul. A small human who always craves to live in a small house but a big home. Craves to do small things with big love, as Mother Terese from Calcutta has said. Craves to sustain small faith as small as mustard seed, like Jesus of Nazareth has claimed.

Idea, argumentation, knowledge, story, property, body I possess could be small, or the smallest ones. Love, faith, life I share could be big, the biggest one. Is there any scepticism to reckon me in the Proudly Small? Would you be proud to have me in the Proudly Small?


The smallest candidate-participant ever