Postcard from Formosa: Weed & Win

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While my Formosa postcard had been received by the beloved pastor: Kusdiyanto Tana, then two friends of mine asked Formosa postcard as well. For sure, I voluntarily sent it. I couldn't write too much about these two friends. What you should know is that they have the same initial: W. I will call them Weed and Win. Yes, you see they love to weed and always win! Oh, they are men, and really gentle!


A super postcard from Formosa went to Weed. That is a 3D postcard. There are 11 figures of Formosa shown on it. As I wrote to Weed, I'm not so good with words, now with regret I admit that I had no words to be written here. Actually that postcard is full of feelings. I guess it was too full, so there is no any single word. Oh, I also wrote a happy bornday for him. I prayed him the best, too, at my best. 


That was my best expression as I posted the best postcard. The best pose of mine in front of the post office, the one and only pose. More than 30 days after sending it, Weed sent me a text by phone. He wrote that he has just receive my postcard, and was so touching. What? Touching? Immediately at that time I read, I became so touch. Not too many words, but so many touches.


Weed is always weed. It's an alga, a tobacco, a cigarette. It's to mow, to sod. It's totally close to grassroots. You always be in the bottom of every heart you have ever touched. You need no excellent words, but you have a strong cornerstone.



Now, let's move on the next postcard.


A unique postcard. It could be built up. It's like a childhood game: bongkar pasang. Win asked for the most expensive postcard, so I chose that one. It's not only a postcard, but also a two-sided card equipped with its 'bongkar pasang' ornaments.


Contrast to the weed postcard, this win postcard is full of words. I created a long story on it. My experience in Formosa as a working-student. My reflection of life in Formosa. More, I wrote one sentence: Stop Following Me! This sentence is inspired by a shirt wore by Win.


'Stop following me' is a special phrase on this digital world. A world where people try hard to get as many as, or as so much as, followers. Both in real and virtual world, people tend to be followed by others, likewise to follow others. If you ask me, I follow The Way, The Truth, and The Life.


I can write to you now, Stop following me! Just be closer to me by click this @uopoiki.


Yes, please stop following me! Look at my pose! So, stop following me on bringing a postcard like that!


Oh, as his name, Win, he received postcard prior to Weed, although in fact I sent weed postcard 1 day before win postcard. Yes, yes, Win will always win! He won the number of the words that I wrote. He won the received date. He won the stamps, he got two! Anyway, he used to win any debate with me.