The God of Matchmaker

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Dear god of matchmaker,


Last week, on Tuesday twenty seventh of January, for the first time I visited the Taiwanese Buddhist temple of yours. It is not too big enough, but the character of Forever Love is clearly written in the wall behind you. You know, I smiled and whispered to my heart, 'I finally found you. Here in Tainan, not in Hscinchu as I planned before.'

I remember your long beard with a long-term smile. I saw young people came and prayed to you. I believe that they asked your blessing in finding their loved one. They must be single souls who long for being united with their lover soul. Maybe they have been waiting since a long long time, ago.

I decided not to go, but to stay. Stay for a while to notice what the single souls do in front of you, the god of matchmaker. They wrote down their name and their expected-lover in a red small paper. They lighted up the incense sticks and said some sincere prayer. They offered some money and food with a hope that you will help them in any condition. Then, they tossed the two praying stones in order to get to know your answer. They smiled, oh I knew it. I did understand the meaning of theirs.

Examining the position of the two praying stones, I guessed that you are happy of their desires.

Actually I also wanted to do some prayer in front of you as they did, but yes I was too shy. Even now, I'm still shy. First, I don't really understand the praying method. Second, I'm too afraid that I maybe do something known as an antithesis, a contrast to my faith. Am I?

If Westlife ever sang, 'I'm too shy to ask, I'm too proud to lose. But sooner or later, I've got to choose', so it seems that I'm one of that kind of people.

That is why I only said some words in my heart. A wish for my loved one to come and be united in love. I brought no money, no food, no incense sticks, no burning offering. But only a little heart longs for the match-loved one.

Next time, it could be in the fourtenth of February, I will visit your place once more. I heard that people will rejoice your name in the Valentine's day. Your statue will be dressed up beautifully. A man will dressed up like yours to let single soul take some photo together with I want to join their joy.

You know I'm not a heathen, a pagan, or even a savage when I'm doing that, right?

Someday when my loved one is found, I would know it sorts of 'a-word-made-into-flesh' or something like 'be-it-done-unto-me-according-to-Thy-word.' The most popular words that I recognise since I was kid. The most powerful words, as well. My favorite ones, too.

See you again, god of matchmaker. Your smile will be longed. Even though I don't exactly know who is your real name, but I call you god of matchmaker.

Love regards,

A soul longs for the match-loved