A Journey to Your Couch

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Dear my dearest Taiwan Couchsurfing hosts,
Dear Jason in Taichung,
Dear Amedee in Kaohsiung,
Dear Daniel in Tainan,

Somewhere, someday I wish that you will read my letters. At least, you will remember the time we shared our Couchsurfing experiences [that had just happened last days]. I write this letters and call it as 'A Journey To Your Couch'. It was tough enough, but yes, was nice so much. So, I thank you a bunch.

I guessed that all of you didn't know before that I was super unsure before sending a request for you. It was because I had been not active anymore in Couchsurfing since November two thousand and thirteen. I have been too busy with my own dreams and sins. Sometime I studied too far away in the campus that I let hospitality chances slipped away.

Actually, three of you was not the first-person in each city that I contacted. Some other members rejected my request due to some acceptable reasons. I almost gave up, but I tried hard to stand up. I was so excited when you, guys, finally accepted me to stay in your couch. I want to say that you bring back the Couchsurfing feeling. It is just outstanding.

You are the first Couchsurfing person who undoutbly succeed in reviving my Couchsurfing feeling. The first time I read your message, the first time I heard your voice on the phone, the first I met you in front of the wrong gate, the first time I walked into your home, the first time you did double-check about my disappearance until the midnight come... It was the first time I come to Couchsurfing life again. Thank you, Jason.


You are such an amiable buddee. You let me know your cool fellows whose are very respectful. You let me enjoy my time inside and outside your couch. You let me understand togetherness and kindness. You let me capture what you captured. You let me to re-enter Couchsuring life again. Thank you, Amedee.


Oh, how I should I greet you? With a smile? You are a real Couchsurfer ever, although it was your first experience to be a host. Everything is so easy with you. Nothing is chessy with you. You speak Bahasa Indonesia so pretty, equipped with Chinese and English which are extremely peachy. Trusthworthy! No need to be worry. I promised to invite my parents to meet you, and I will. Just let me take my time to make it true, to relish my Couchsurfing life again. Thank you, Daniel.


I don't want to end this letters. I still have dozens memories to be shared. And I know it must be continued... Some time in the future...

Your Couchsurfing guest,
Kartika Paramita Klara