Postcards from Formosa: Final Exam Edition

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Dear my dearest friends who have battled in final exam,
Dear the four of you whose time dedicated to be altar servers,
Dear to whom I may concern...

The day I write this blog is the book day. You know, for the last 12 years you must have so so many books. But, what does it mean? Here is I will rewrite four quotes about book.

*So many books, so little time. (by FRANK ZAPPA)



*Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life. (MARK TWAIN)

*A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading. (WILLIAM STYRON)

*If there's a book you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it. (TONI MORRISON)

All above quotes you can read by clicking it.

Now I leave some blank lines to give you two minutes or three for reflecting those quotes.












































Taraaa! You must be familiar with that picture. Those are Spring & Autumn Pagodas in Kaohsiung, Rainbow Military Community in Taichung, Buddha Statue of Baguashan, and The Sacred Tree of Alishan.

So, how about your reflection?

*How many times you have for enjoying every season in the sun?

*How's your ideal life you live in your community?

*How your precious experience with statues you ever seen?

*How you write about trees and sacred things?

Think more, think deeper about that.
Duc in altum. Bertolaklah ke tempat yang dalam.

Go into inside part of the pagodas. Find out what makes it stand up so solid, so mighty. Look around to its majestic scenery. Sun and stars, moon and light, shine very brightly. Discover your path of life. Detect all possible ways to reach it. Damn it! You can do it, Anin!

Community is a location, an atmosphere, a bridge. It must be full of color. It is really dynamic. It consists of variety things. King, queen. Boss, warrior. Educator, learner. They are the member of community. The number may be far from equal, but the show must go on. Ideal is not always justice. The Almighty Sovereign is much much more fair in His Own Way. Continue your step, Niken!






Everyday we see zillion images which decorates our journals of life. Every time we meet important figures, our heart flood with abundance spirit. Vide! The people, the buildings, the statues that represent hope, miracle, and glory. The power of fortitude is the key. Keep fighting, Melania!

If Heaven has immaculate saints as its fortresses. Then the Earth has profane humans as its caretakers. But I don't really understand, whether humans are caretakers or destroyer. Somehow, humans have to make their best efforts for the Earth. SO, have a pure life, Nicolaus!






Simple postcards that I wrote to you is not simply sent as such. I have so many aims of this postcard project. You four, Anindita, Niken, Melania and Nicolaus, you are all the second wave who received Formosa postcard after Father KusdiyantoYou are expected to give meaning for this project.


Thank you so much for your attention to my message. In fact, you deserve more than that. I congratulate you for finishing the final exam of Senior High School. True final exams in the next levels are waiting for your coming. Don't worry, be happy! Walk within The Risen Lord. I miss your smiles and jokes. See you in the Bromo!

Love and best,
Me, the sender of Formosa postcard